Michael Webster

Sleeping printer keeps crashing Solidworks

Discussion created by Michael Webster on Aug 12, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2008 by Todd Engle
I recently added a HP K8600 11x17 printer to my system, which is running Solidworks 64-bit 2008, in a standalone environment.

The problem I'm running into is that Solidworks invariably crashes if I try to print to this printer when it has been in "standby" mode. Sometimes I get a message upon crashing, sometimes SW just plain disappears.

If I turn the printer off and back on again, or print from some other program (or test page), I appear to have no trouble.

I've had this happen in 32 bit XP as well as my current XP 64, and I've tried the full blown drivers as well as the stripped down drivers for this printer, with the same effect.

Anyone else had similar issues? I also have a Brother laser hooked up and have no issues with it. Both are attached via USB.

I know I could probably solve my problem by hooking these up to a network print server or an old PC to act as one (which I suppose I will do if I cannot solve this) but Solidworks is the only program that does this, so I figured I'd ask before resorting to the more difficult solution.