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Reading data directly from vault / Getting vault file paths

Question asked by Keith Rice on Jul 19, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2016 by Keith Rice

1. Let's say PartA.SLDPRT is in the EPDM vault and has a custom property called "Description". Is there any way to get the value of Description through an external program? For example, could a third party program read that value directly out of the vault database?


2. I am writing a program that has to open up many models (located in the vault) and do some work on them. The program will be running on a different computer than the vault server. What needs to happen for my program to be able to see those vault files in order to open them and process them? Is it as simple as getting a universal file path? Or do I need some EPDM client on the server to get the path?


I hope I explained my problem adequately but if not then I am happy to elaborate. Thank you for your time.