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magnitude of force must be larger than 0

Question asked by Andy Luo on Jul 19, 2016



Had a quick question on applying the blow off force for a body. Some background, I am looking to run a quick stress analysis on this cylindrical shape body to check the stress when a pressure is apply on the inside of this valve body.


I am able to successfully apply pressure on the inside of the valve (normal to all surfaces). I am having issues with applying the blow off force across the top of this body. On SimulationXpress, I am able to select the fasteners holes and apply the blow off force in the z-direction ("force along a selected direction") before running the simulation. On Solidworks Simulation, when I try to do the same step, I get a "The magnitude of the force must be larger than 0" with no option to edit it. Am I missing something obviously or is my assumptions incorrect? I'm pretty much a newbie at simulation so any help would be greatly appreciated.


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