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Using JPG for a photoworks scene - camera perspective

Question asked by Lee Bazalgette on Aug 12, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2008 by Lee Bazalgette
Hi All,

I'm doing some rendering in SW2008 SP4 and I need help setting the scene. I dont have RealView as I'm working on a laptop - so that may not help.

Basically, I want to super-impose my assembly on a JPG background. I've set the photoworks background to be my image, but how can I preview this to get the angle etc correct?

If I set my SW veiwport background to the image then this sort of works, except that the image isn't the same size as my screen so it distorts. If I set the photoworks background to 'tiled' image it doesn't distort but I can't set the viewing angle without some magic.

Finally, I'd really like to use a camera view, but I've found that when I'm setting the camera it distorts the background image so it make's it nearly impossible to set up the viewing angle!

Any help much appreciated!