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Low End Quadro FX370 Card for a New System?

Question asked by Bill Rose on Aug 11, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2008 by Tom Nicholson
I have a fairly low budget to replace my four year old Dell with something that will be less frustrating to use when running SWx2008. The current machine has a fairly low-end video card (FX550) and I'm looking at doing the same again so I can put the most money into the CPU.

I can buy a Quadro FX370 for $120 or get an Xi computer with a Quadro 290 NVS installed for a $40 bump over the cheapest card they offer.

I do not use Realview Graphics nor do I run Photoworks. Is there any reason a higher-end video card would be a wise use of budget? Or maybe another way to ask the same question is "What is the penalty for running a lower performance card"?