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Design Tables in Assemblies

Discussion created by Ben Froese on Aug 11, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2008 by 1-1NHKU5
Is there a way I can use a design table in an assembly to creat multiple configurations with each configuration being a different size?

I'm building an electrical enclosure, what I need is to link dimensions of different parts so that the enclosure will change accoringly for example, when I change the enclosure size, the door opening and the subpanel, etc. need to change as well, how can I link dimensions from each of these parts so that all the parts will change at the same time?

I think you need to be able to see all the dimension on the screen so you can select the appropriate dim's and create the appropriate formula in the table, but I cannot get it to do that, I have my show annotations on and everything but they don't show, am I doing something wrong or is this just not an option in SW?

SW2008 sp4.0
Win. XP 64bit