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Annotation/Text refresh problems.

Question asked by Jeff Anderson on Aug 8, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2008 by Charles Culp
One of the computers in my office has a terrible problem with text boxes. My coworker's computer has this weird problem when ever he moves his mouse over a large text box. It will freeze his mouse in place while it behaves as if the computer is scanning the text box. It highlights the text orange like you were reading along and it does this quite slowly. After it has finished scanning the text it will unfreeze, but he has to be real careful not to move his mouse over the text box again or it will repeat it over and over. Is this a video card problem, software problem or something else? Someone please help us. This problem began after installing Solidworks 2008. He installed SP4.0 recently, but still has the problem. He is running a laptop with an external display. The problem appears on both the laptop display and the external display. I believe he has an ATI video card.