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i need some weldment help

Question asked by Chris Bennett on Aug 8, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2008 by Chris Bennett
i create a weldment with a about 7 different pieces of all the same tubing type (16ga. x 2" x 2" stainless steel) in the weldment drawing i can insert the cut list table and that will show me each item and quantity but i want it to show the body name on top of that, what do i type into the cutlist and where to show that, can i get someone to post a picture of what to type in there specifically to do it?

and also, after i save the bodies out i was wondering how in the part drawings i could get that structural members information to show up like it does in the cutlist table. for the part's table i just want that 16ga x 2 x 2 and the length and ss tubing, i can get everything but the 16ga x 2 x 2 to show up, cant someone show me the code to put into the table with another picture

ive written code before and have made some pretty large access databases in my time but i just dont know the words or characters to type in and in what order to get the info i want

the structures "profile" is named 16ga x 2 x 2
the weldment is saved as LW-SA10001
one of the parts is saved as LW-10000
the part's material is SS TUBING

with the welment i need to see just the item number, part number and qty

in the part i need to see the "profile" name (16ga x 2 x 2) the length (done) and the material