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    Installation Timeline

    Glenn Douglas
      Just wondering how many people are using PDM Enterprise and what your installation timeline looked like. I'm looking for a rough estimate from time of installation to go-live date.
        • Installation Timeline
          Jeff Sweeney
          I've done installations where people have gone live in two days. I've had some that have taken months.

          I think the biggest factor is how much legacy data you want to bring into the new system and how different that data is from what you want it to be. Other big factors are replicated sites -when the sites work differently from each other, essentially this means at least twice as much work. In-flexibility also contributes; are you willing to change the way you work to meet the software or do you want the software to meet the way you work -you can go either way, but a compromise usually saves implementation time. Complex workflows can add a day or two.

          That being said, if you know what you are doing, I would guess on average people go live in five days.