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    Linear Sketch Pattern

    Joel Hoksbergen
      When placing a linear sketch pattern (or circular), why are the patterned entity positions still floating after specifying the spacing and with the base entity position fully dimensioned?? For example (see graphic), I have placed a point in the hole wizard with it's position defined. I want this hole position to be patterned so I use a linear sketch pattern, defining the number of instances and spacing in both directions. In my mind, this should mean that all the positions of the pattern are fixed, but I can still drag the pattern around?!?! So I need to add additional dimensions/constraints, which can potentially change my pattern definition. I can think of no reason why the pattern should work this way! I don't want there to be an opportunity to inadvertantly tweak the pattern some. If I wanted to adjust the pattern I would just right click and 'Edit Linear Pattern'.

      Am I missing something??

        • Linear Sketch Pattern
          Matt Lombard
          Feature patterns are preferred over sketch patterns. They rebuild faster and make more sense. I see, maybe you're trying to do a sketch driven pattern. Still, I'd skip the sketch and just do a linear feature pattern.

          When using a sketch pattern, you have to select both of the "Add dimensions" boxes, plus the "add angle dim" or whatever it says. Without those dimensions, it's just a floating underdefined pattern.
          • Linear Sketch Pattern
            Jerry Steiger

            Sketch patterns suck. Matt and Sven-Erik are apparently too nice to say something like that, although Matt isn't known for biting his tongue. Why it is so clumsy is one of the mysteries of SW. In those rare cases when I have felt compelled to use them, I have had to go through the same silly pattern of giving SW all the information it needs, then giving it the same information again with sketch dimensions and relations. I think Sven-Erik came up with the best solution.