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Linear Sketch Pattern

Question asked by Joel Hoksbergen on Aug 7, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2008 by Jerry Steiger
When placing a linear sketch pattern (or circular), why are the patterned entity positions still floating after specifying the spacing and with the base entity position fully dimensioned?? For example (see graphic), I have placed a point in the hole wizard with it's position defined. I want this hole position to be patterned so I use a linear sketch pattern, defining the number of instances and spacing in both directions. In my mind, this should mean that all the positions of the pattern are fixed, but I can still drag the pattern around?!?! So I need to add additional dimensions/constraints, which can potentially change my pattern definition. I can think of no reason why the pattern should work this way! I don't want there to be an opportunity to inadvertantly tweak the pattern some. If I wanted to adjust the pattern I would just right click and 'Edit Linear Pattern'.

Am I missing something??