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Help with new computer selection

Question asked by Brad Bilski on Aug 7, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2008 by Matt McKendrick
I am looking to get a new computer to run SW 08 and would like some input from real users rather than a salesperson trying to sell me what they have in stock.

I currently have a Dell and have been pretty happy with it, especially their support, but when I went on their website the other day I was in over my head with all of the different options. (I'm a self employed mechanical designer not an IT guy)

Some of the questions I have:

XP vs Vista?
Prossesor dual core vs quad fast is adequate?
32 bit vs 64 bit?
Hard drive configuration 1 or 2 raid and/or a controller required?
Ram? Several different types and sizes to pick from.
Video card (Dell's selection is least on line) Nvidia FX 1700 vs FX 4600?

I'm looking to keep the price below $4K with a 20" flat screen.