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PDMWE-Revisions and Configurations

Question asked by Rodney Peterson on Aug 7, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2009 by John Layne
Relatively new to Pdmwe here and would like to know if anyone shares my dissapointment with the fact that
Pdmwe cannot maintain revisions of multiple configurations in a given model.
For example: A part model of a shaft has different configs made of different length shafts, holes, flats and ?.
Each configuration is technically a separate part and could/would have different revision levels for each configuration.
Apparently, Pdmwe cannot keep track of the revisions of each config. independantly(even if you manually change the
revision in file properties to be different) pdmwe will ultimately make all the revisions the same.

I come from many years of using Pro-e/Intralink and intralink treats instances as separate models in the vault even though they all come from the same model.

Any thoughts? Are there work arounds for this?

Currently we rely on Pdmwe maintaining revision levels at the drawing level and is considered the master rev level over what the model may be at.