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How to use swCommands_Copy_Swift_Schema

Question asked by Robert Griffing on Jul 15, 2016



I am trying to copy DimExpert Scheme from Default configuration to all of the configurations for a given model.

In SW, with the configuration to be copied to open, under the DimExpertManager is a button to copy scheme to current configuration.

This opens Scheme Properties with options for Scheme Name, Description, Comment, and Source configuration (drop down list).

I want to add this function to a macro that i have written that switches between configurations.


I tried to record a macro and select it, but the macro was empty.


In SW API help I found swCommands_Copy_Swift_Schema under swCommand_e that appears to be the answer to my issue.

Unfortunately no examples and limited doc on the command.


Can anyone tell me how to use this and pass the properties that would select the default configuration?





just added "swApp.RunCommand swCommands_Copy_Swift_Schema" to macro and it opens the Scheme Properties dialog, but can't figure out inputs.

If I could pass keystrokes it would be easy. (TAB)(TAB)(TAB)(Down)(Enter)