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    Interesting Dialog Popup

    Bill Rose
      I get this dialog (see attached) each session. Like many other dialogs, it offers you the option of dismissing it forever. I take that option but it comes back in the next session anyway.

      And the message is a little hard to believe. It says the draft rendering it will create is larger than the high quality rendering you'll get when you re-open the file. Can this be true or are they just seeing if we're paying attention?

        • Interesting Dialog Popup
          Steven Dinsdale
          I have seen that message before. Unfortunately, I have no idea what causes it or how I got rid of it.
          • Interesting Dialog Popup
            Charles Culp
            Draft quality views are representations of the final view, think of .bmp files. They are larger, but they load very quickly. Solidworks won't save the full information when that pops up, just the draft view that it has thus far. It will then spend some time (sometimes a very long time), calculating all the views fully, and then you have a high quality view. This information is all based on the actual model, so it is small (it doesn't hold the actual information, just references to the model).

            What does this all mean? open up the Feature Manager Tree on the left. If there are black hourglasses in front of your views, don't print or save yet, just wait. When they leave, you will see the drawing views redraw in their full HQ goodness, and you can then save successfully in HQ.

            Long answer to a shorter question, but yes Draft quality is larger, and worse.