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Head Tracking for VR with web cam or Wii?

Discussion created by Joe Dunfee on Aug 6, 2008
I accidentally put this on the sketch forum by accident...

Hey, are any of you programmers working on a software connection with SW to one of the head-tracking utilities? Since Johnny Lee created his Wii Remote based head tracker, [ see ] it has spurred a lot of other similar activity using generic USB cameras. I keep hoping that cheap desktop VR that will work with SW is just around the corner.

A few years ago I tried a similar thing with Inventor and using the program CAM-TO-PAN. The Cam-to-pan program was billed as a mouse substitute that worked by a camera watching your face for movement. I was able to adjust the sensitivty of it, and reverse the X direction, so that it was able to function as a head tracker. But, to get it to work you had to initiate the "orbit" command and hold the mouse button down. It worked, but was so cumbersome to use that I didn't use it beyond the initial test.

It is frustrating to know that the potential is so close to being available, but never seems to get beyond being a project by someone at a university.

I keep hunting for a place to try out one of the stereoscopic computer monitors. But it seems such products get announced, and then never make it to market. Samsung now has several of its projector TV's that can work with the LCD Shutter glasses, and even has a kit for users to purchase to do this. But, alas, even though these stereoscopic-capable TVs are sold in Best Buy and Circuit City, you can't see this feature being demonstrated.

Joe Dunfee