Lawrence Kiefer

WARNING!! Don't wast your time with Dispatch...Or EPDM for that matter.

Discussion created by Lawrence Kiefer on Jul 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2016 by Lee CS Young

I have had an issue with the EPDM dispatch for about 3 weeks now. I am trying to do the most simple of things. All I want to do is have dispatch pop up combo box trigger on check in when a certain card variable is empty.


I have been working with my Var on this, and they have no clue on dispatch nor do they even support it. (even though its part of EPDM and hardly falls under a custom coding feature).


This Morning, I thought I had it working. It actually triggered about 5 times on check in during testing, then all of the sudden it stopped working. I did not go into the dispatch to change anything, it just stopped all on its own. From that point, I tried setting up a dispatch just to have an OK message box pop up. That doesn't even work.


After 3 weeks of trying to find a solution myself, through my var and on here with virtual no response from anyone I am now giving up on using dispatch for good.


This is yet another reason I will not recommend EPDM to any of my clients. After this experience, I will be strongly recommending they don't even consider EPDM as an option. When you consider, a good 3 weeks of my time trying to solve this problem, and how many thousands of dollars that adds up to, it is just complete loss of money and waste of time.


The clue that Dispatch is buggy and useless is that the VAR themselves wont even support it.