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How to change transparency of surfaces?

Question asked by Robert Silesius on Jul 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2016 by Robert Silesius

I've imported a Solidworks assembly which also contained surfaces. I have two questions regarding this:


  1. One of my surfaces, when saved in a technical illustration, is transparent. But it is not transparent in any other setting that I can find in Composer, doesn't look transparent in the view window, and is not transparent in Solidworks either. How can I trouble shoot this?
  2. Another of my surfaces is (and should be) transparent, and I've also saved this in a technical illustration. I've opened the SVG output in Adobe Illustrator, and the outline really is transparent. I now wish to edit this, but I cannot find any modified opacity settings on any object in Illustrator. How does Composer achieve its transparent outlines in the SVG output file?