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Why is there an uncertainty between mass flow rates between two regions?

Question asked by Harsh Ved on Jul 14, 2016



The scope of my project is to even out mass flow rate through an orifice plate. Under goals, I have inlet mass flow rate, outlet mass flow rate, and mass continuity to ensure conservation of mass. But when I measure the mass flow rates in the middle of the orifices on the orifice plate, the sum of mass flow rate through all orifices is up to 6% off from the total mass flow rate.


I measured mass flow rates in the middle of the orifices and the exit (see pictures) and compared them to the mass flow rate to the bottom lid (outlet). When I measure in the middle, I get a higher value than the total, and when I measure at the exit I get lower values than the total.


What is causing this?


Measuring from Middle of Orifices

Lid Faces Middle.PNG


Measuring at the end

Lid Faces Outlet.PNG

Setup and Flow Trajectories

Setup and flow trajectories.PNG