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Managing menu customizations for multi-site?

Question asked by Sam S on Aug 6, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2008 by Sam S
Does anyone have a recommendation on how to manage menu customizations for sw users across mutiple sites?

Bascially what we want to do is be able to deploy sw consisently across many sites with the same system options, dot files and menu customizations including which toolbars are displayed, toolbar location and contents of toolbars (meaning which buttons are included on the toolbar).

Not all the sites will get the same customizations; for example sites A, B, C may get customization 1 and sites D, E and F may get customization 2, and so on....

And this will just happen at new software release but also when adding a new client to a particular site; they would get a generic install of sw then have their machine "tweaked" for their particular customizations.

Thanks in advance for any comments