Kevin Moreau

Use routing feature for lifting components

Discussion created by Kevin Moreau on Jul 14, 2016

Hello everyone,


This post is to request some feedback and/or tips about using the routing feature for lifting purposes.

When I create a lifting plan using Solidworks, the challenge is to create the lifting components (shackle, chain block, steel cable) but I recently realized that I could use the routing feature and treat the shackles as flanges and the slings as piping.


I was thinking that I could create hooks, shackles or other types of connector as flanges with routing points. I could then create routing template for the steel cables, chains or other types of cables. Then all I would have to do is connect the connector to my part and create a cable routing between the connectors.


Did anyone ever tried to use the routing feature for other purposes than piping? If so, any tips would be appreciated.


I attached a screen shot of the current drawing I am working on. The issue with the current approach I used is the length of the chain blocks. I created multiple configurations to fit the different length required for the lift. But let say I want to lift the part a little higher. I would have to change each chain block length and maybe play around with the mates. It would be great if the chain could adjust automatically as I change the height of the part.


Thank you,