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Enabling custom layers in document properties

Question asked by Robert Weimer on Jul 13, 2016
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Hi all,


I am trying to set up the document properties for my standardization of our company's drawing template.  For some of the categories, the window will allow me to define a layer for what I assumed the system would place that type of entity in.  In practice however this hasn't happened.  For example, under the "Options" - "Document Properties" - "Annotations" - "Datums" tab, there is a place where I can choose a layer.  Naturally I created a layer called "Datums", then selected that layer as the one associated with all of the other characteristics under the "Datums" tab, and I expected the software to create all of my datum markers on the layer "Datums".  This hasn't happened as of yet, so what am I missing?  Will this software do this action?  Is the choice of layers a Ha-Ha fat chance criteria?  Is there a toggle switch that enables this action?  What gives?