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Help - Decals not showing up!

Question asked by Tim R on Aug 6, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2008 by Tim R
Hi,<br />I used the Photoworks decal command to create an assembly with a dozen or so decals on it.  A co-worker wanted to use the assembly with the decals... opened the assembly and the decals don't show up.  They load as suppressed and when unsuppressed are imageless grey rectangles.  I told him to load Photoworks and that doesnt help.  We tried to render the assembly and a dialog box pops up.. saying  "can't locate <path>\partnumber1111111111_1.bmp.  Do I have to place those bmp files in another location?  It was already looking on our usual network path to Solidworks Data..?  What are all the @%@%@# ones (1)s?  How do I get it so co-workers can open the assembly with the decals showing and associated drawings, of which I was pretty proud of until this happened.  <img class="jive_macro jive_emote" src="" jivemacro="emoticon" ___jive_emoticon_name="cry" /><br /><br />-Tim