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Question asked by Maxim Frayer on Jul 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2016 by Paul Salvador

Here we go again: I am running SW'15 SP5 and have run into this problem (again!) with the display state manager.  Upon creating a display state, working with unlinked configuration, in a multi-body part, the result is unstable representation when toggling between the display states.

1. In one display state instability, the solid body is shown incorrectly, not per the saved or intended display state, as visible in the design tree and then is not showing in the graphics oddly enough.

2. Once a display state is generated, toggling to other display states (all unlinked in this case) causes unstable states, that is, the display state changes on its own from the intended state.  Below is shown the display state system, in this case, for your reference:


This is a disappointing and frustrating trait of SW, which has become too common with each new release...


Any recommendations, outside of recreating the component file from scratch, are appreciated...