Kevin Quigley

More choice of environments for release?

Discussion created by Kevin Quigley on Aug 6, 2008
I have been attempting to recreate some Hypershot visuals using PhotoView of white baths with chrome taps, unsuccessfully.

Whilst the quality is well into the " a lot better than I could do 12 months ago in 10 mins" category it doesn't compare to Hypershot. The Hypershot images are just that bit more punchy and have a better tonal range.

One of the reasons is that the PhotoView environments are currently way too limiting - there is just not enough contrast in the scene to get that bright white highlight fading to near black on a white object like a bath. Everything is just a bit grey.

So, for release or even public beta, are we going to get more environments, or the ability to import our own HDRIs? If not what is the timescale for this to happen?