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2 Electrical routing questions

Question asked by 1-CDBR7G on Aug 6, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2008 by 1-CDBR7G
What is the preferred way to add terminals to an electrical BOM? I'm using x64 2009 Beta 3, but it seems like even when I had 2008 SP4 installed, the harness BOM functionality had been taken out of routing.

I have been putting terminals in as components which don't have any geometry - just properties. This had been working well, but I thought there was some official way of doing it.

My second question is about connector reference designators. In my electrical schematics, each connector has a reference like CON1, CON2. This shows up in the From-To list, and also in the circuit summary on the drawing. When a drawing was auto-created in the past using the harnessing menus, it would put notes with the correct text next to the connectors. However, I had trouble getting this to work consistently, and have it update when changes were made.

Is there some functionality (like balloons) which allow you mark connectors with their appropriate reference designators?