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Noise & Quality Issues

Question asked by Alex Jindrrk on Jul 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2016 by Alex Jindrrk

Hi there,
I am new to Visualize and I saved a model last night and it was smooth and quality was ok.


I changed the model today and updated it as I added a part. I created a new model hwoever as I didnt have the Monitor File option on (I wish you could turn that on after the fact not just on import initial window?).


Anyway the renders I did today are very noisey and I used basically the same pass settings (that I remember). I am basically getting better results from Photoview quality wise and doesnt take long to render. Do I need to go up higher pass or have I changed some setting I didnt know that I had to get rid of this?


I doubled the fillet on those corners and it basically looks like a sharp corner. Its much more rounded in Solidworks. I had a Thin feature of 2mm and a fillet of 1mm so they should appear more rounded at the zoom I have with the camera.


But the main issue is that for some reason its so much noise in it that the quality is bad. Thanks.


The attached is the one I did last night on the left and the one on the right today.