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    Noise & Quality Issues

    Alex Jindrrk

      Hi there,
      I am new to Visualize and I saved a model last night and it was smooth and quality was ok.


      I changed the model today and updated it as I added a part. I created a new model hwoever as I didnt have the Monitor File option on (I wish you could turn that on after the fact not just on import initial window?).


      Anyway the renders I did today are very noisey and I used basically the same pass settings (that I remember). I am basically getting better results from Photoview quality wise and doesnt take long to render. Do I need to go up higher pass or have I changed some setting I didnt know that I had to get rid of this?


      I doubled the fillet on those corners and it basically looks like a sharp corner. Its much more rounded in Solidworks. I had a Thin feature of 2mm and a fillet of 1mm so they should appear more rounded at the zoom I have with the camera.


      But the main issue is that for some reason its so much noise in it that the quality is bad. Thanks.


      The attached is the one I did last night on the left and the one on the right today.

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          Ron Bates

          Alex - I assume you're rendering in "Accurate" mode, since you referred to setting the # of passes.  Have you tried Fast mode?  It's much faster and based on what I can see from your screenshot, it should be perfectly suitable.  Faster results, with less noise, in the end...   See Re: What is the exact difference between 'Fast Mode' and 'Accurate Mode'?  for a bit more info.

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              Alex Jindrrk

              Thanks for the reply. I thought I was forgotten


              I dont remember changing that setting at all when I was doing both (perhaps I did). Its for packaging so its mostly a simple scene.


              And I only have a Surface Pro 3 so it takes a long time to process in accurate. I saw on thyat post that the guy is doing 500 passes in 2 mins. It takes mine two hours on a simple white backdrop scene!


              I need to learn next how to do lighting (since I know studio photography well) as the results I get on my render are hindered from the lighting.