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    show as transparent on drawing

    Greg Johnson

      I have a assy with a transparent part (glass).

      when I create a drawing, part is no longer transparent?

      how can I show this piece as clear on the drawing?


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          Kelvin Lamport

          A simple way would be to just hide the window, or display the view in a shaded mode.

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            Sindre Sorhus

            Hi Greg,


            You can do it with a Display state. In the assembly you add a new display state and set all the components to Shaded with edges. Then you set all the bodies manually to HLR, except the glas wich remain in deault display style. Then, when you make a view of this model, activate the display state and set the view to be shaded with edges.


            In the new display state "Drawing", leave the glas in default display style, Shaded with edges, but set the gauge body is set to HLR.

            Here is a comparison between the two display states.

            First image is with transparent glas and the rest as HLR. Notice that the Display style is set to shaded with edges for the view.

            That's it