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    diffrent variable names for the same variable

    Loui Leclerc

      Hey Guys,

      So for some reason my vault has a variable unique to each document. For example a title, will be drawing_title, part_title, ECR_title, or whatever document _title. it's the same thing for most of my variables So I have an insane amount.


      I was wondering, do each documents have all variables loaded in them in the sql database? for example a document would have all different title variables if it is a part and the data card only shows the part title.


      Also, Any suggestions as to how I could bring them as one, So i can have use columns in EPDM? I was thinking of just having title for example and use the various attribute names to have it communicate with all documents as it used to, then have all the doc_title variables moved to the title variable. I have an app for the variable transfer, so this shouldn't be too difficult.


      Thank you

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          Loui Leclerc

          So from testing,


          I have changed the variable to the ECR template from <ECR_Title> to <Title>. Template is an XLSX. <Title> is set as summary and custom property attribute in the variable manager (EDPM). Also have set the <Drawing_Title> attribute for the <title>. When I create the file, I'll find the data in the title custom property and the associated cell. The document property is unchanged still says template title. If I change it, it will update here, not in the customs tab, but will update the data card. If I change it in the data card, I have no change in the file, and have a new custom property as Drawing_Title.


          The more I play with this, the more I think I'm going to have to run a script through my vault to fix this...


          Anyone has had any luck with this kind of issue?