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Macro for creating Coordinate Systems on click

Question asked by Alin Vargatu on Jul 10, 2016

Hello API Gurus!



I will be very grateful to the person that would write a macro for creating a coordinate system as follows:



1. Ask the user to select a planar face or a plane. The location of the click will be used in the macro (the point on the face).

2. Create a 2D Sketch on that face or plane

3. Draw a centerline circle with a radius of 6mm on the location of the click from step 1. No need to apply a diameter dimension.

4. Draw an 1" long line from the location of the click to an arbitrary direction, about 30 degree from the horizontal direction. Dimension the line as 1".

5. Apply an angle dimension between the line and the horizontal direction.

6. Make that angle equal to zero

7. Exit the sketch

8. Name the sketch as "CS_Sketch" and color it red


9. Create a coordinate system as follows:


10. Name the new coordinate system as CLAMP_CS