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The use of Underscore( _ ) in file names.

Question asked by Dave Bear on Jul 10, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2017 by Bathabile Motsepe

Hi all,

I've recently been doing as many of the tutorials as I can, some of them I've done more than once just to get a better understanding of SolidWorks. Whilst doing so, I've noticed that certain files that I've used or created and then been asked to save that have more than one word in the file name are separated not by a space but by a underscore. So instead of being saved as "Big block.sldprt" as a file, it would be saved as "Big_block.sldprt".

Now I'm quite experienced with Microsoft Access and I know first hand that Access can have issues with spaces in filenames. But I just thought it was an Access issue. So am I to assume that it is a good practice to adhere to within SolidWorks also?