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How to totally restore/reset Solidworks 2016

Question asked by Dave Bear on Jul 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2016 by Dave Bear


I've read a post that states that I can refresh my version of Solidworks by renaming the appropriate file in my registry file for it. Now that may well work effectively, but that seems somewhat of a backdoor way of doing it. (Mind you, I've done it to achieve other things as a last resort).

     When I first installed SW I did do a copy of the settings through copy settings wizard, but I'm thinking that if I reinstate this it will only refresh the settings, not all of the other stuff I've been foolishly playing around with whilst trying to learn. You know, things like, templates, sheet formats, toolbox etc. You name it, I've mucked around with it.

     SW still runs and performs fine, it's just that I'd like to reset the ENTIRE program back to a state like it would be as if it had just been installed. I have a backup of my parts, drawings and settings on my (:D) Drive which can be re-introduced and so can the very few file paths I have added in.


So.............. What is the proper process for doing this without either doing a repair install, a re-install or playing with my registry?