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ASME/ANSI View Naming Standards

Question asked by Rob Haman on Jul 10, 2016

Hi All,

I have a question for an open discussion that may not have a "standardized" answer.

From another site's forum discussion the question of reusing detail/section view letters on a drawing sheet was reviewed and while nobody could quote ASME standards it doesn't appear that a clear definition exists. My preference is to not reuse a letter even though one may be a section view, and another a detail view.


My real question is; what is standard practice for successive sheets? I believe SolidWorks is, by default, set to continue naming from the previous sheet. In the context of an assembly in which each component part is detailed on its own sheet the continued lettering concept seems to beg the question of where is section A-A of that part if section B-B is given?


The company I work for has no standards of any type really, something I would like to see changed to appear as a team, and make reading our drawings easier.


I look forward to your comments.