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Solidworks Certification Preparation

Question asked by Patrick Malone on Jul 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2018 by Joel Gilbert

I've noticed a common thread running through all the requests for help with certification preparation.

VERY seldom does anyone offer any assistance beyond the "here is the link to the practice exam...."

My favorite posts have several posts with the same link to the sample exam :-\

I know, I also searched for help on several of the tests with no help here...


Are there not many tips that can be offered to those wanting to take the test or prepare without giving away what is on the test?


It appears that everyone is afraid to to provide anything beyond "here is the link to the practice exam...."

IMO, The practice exam should not be used to determine whether or not you are ready to take the actual exam.

I found the Weldment practice test a piece of cake, but it took me two tries to pass that particular test..

(I don't use weldments in my industry)


Are we not allowed to give topics (details) of recommended study or helpful Youtube video links?


Is everyone afraid to say the wrong thing for fear of violating the EULA of the test?


Here is what I would recommend to all those wanting to take any of the exams...


In every practice/sample certification exam is a page with a list of topics that may be on the exam.

I recommend spending time covering every topic listed no matter what exam you are studying for.

Learn every switch, checkbox, toggle and option for each topic.

The page in the sample exam that you are looking for, also has the number of questions, number of total points

and the minimum score to pass and how long you have to take the test. (People often ask those questions too)


Park yourself on Youtube and search each topic. There are some awesome tutorials on there.

(There are some sucky tutorials on Youtube that no one should ever watch too, I will concede)


Good luck!