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    Update multiple file references

    Wayne Easton

      I have created a copy of a dataset supplied by a customer. Some of the files in the dataset have been changed and given our new internal part numbers, however, the large majority have not changed.


      The mistake I made was to copy the entire dataset using the copy tree function of EPDM. I appended the file names with "NEW-". I am now using the Update references tool in EPDM to replace the copied files (eg. Replace NEW-1234.sldprt with 1234.sldprt).


      I have to do this for every file which has not change which is really time consuming. Does anone know of a way where I can replace the file references for all the files appended with the term "NEW-" with the original part number for all the files at once.


      If not are there any other bright idea approaches to reference to the original files more efficiently than what I am now doing?


      One other idea I had was to check out all the original files and then do a move tree of the current files to overwrite the original files which are checked out. I am not sure if this is possible and am worried there may be some risk / undesired results using this method.


      Any input would be appreciated.



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          Jeff Sweeney

          I think I would go the Move Tree route. I use it often to rename large groups of files.

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              Wayne Easton

              Thanks Jeff,


              I gave that idea a bash earlier but it didn't work as I had hoped.


              I signed out all the original files in their folder. Then went to my copied Assembly containing the copied files. I used the move tree command and selected the folder containing the original files as the move tree destination. I then selected the rename option allowing me to replace the appended prefix with a blank (effectively attempting to rename the files with their original names).


              It all seemed promising. When I "approved" the move tree command, I even received a message asking if I wanted to overwrite the existing files. I selected "Yes to all" but then received a message saying that I must have unique file names and the file names I was trying to use were already in use. The action then automatically terminated with no action carried out.


              So close but so far.