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Praparation for nesting. How to optimally divide a large surface into smaller ones

Question asked by Justas Nekrasas on Jul 8, 2016

I have a problem with nesting. There is a large surface (side of the ship), which has to be divided into smaller pieces. The trick is to divide it in such a manner so that to or more smaller pieces fit nicely into a standart sheet size.


Example:  Large piece divided into smaller ones marked (A-L). The standard sheet size is (x mm length and y mm width). The trick is to freely choose E F G H parts lenghts (in x dimension) so that 2 or more of them fits nicely on (x y) sized sheet.


If we would only want to fit everything whatever K+G could be one part and E+I could be another, but larger parts would result in a lot of waste.  So we make extra cuts for optimization.

Question is: Is there a nesting software which automatically splits larger surfaces into smaller ones to fit them nicely on a multiple sheets?

Now majority of my time is spent dividing sufaces by hand, and waiting for nesting results (about half an hour for 200+ parts).