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Configuration with variable dimensions

Question asked by Tom Hickerson on Jul 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2016 by Vladimir Urazhdin

I am new to solid works and trying to create a library part to save time.  It has a variable length and a few other measurements that change as well as features I can suppress or not.  I created the file and used configuration publisher and got it to work great.  However every time I insert it into an assembly it creates a new configuration, flashes up an excel window for several seconds and then goes on working.


Here are some issues I have with what I am using now...

I can't go back in and change the length of the part by configuring the component.  I would have to go in and modify that configuration, and that takes several steps. 

Each time I add this component it creates a new configuration and I have to enter every dimension that can change.  I would like it to default to the last time I used it or at least once per assembly. 


Is there any way to address these issues?