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How to Select the Each Sketchsegment (Circle) in the Sketch one by one and gets is Data like Radius and X,Y,Z Co-Ordinates

Question asked by Suresh Vijayan on Jul 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2016 by Suresh Vijayan

Hi ,


Thus I have a requirement to get all data of the circle like Name,Radius and X,Y,Z in the Sketch.I tried a lot but i didn't get the answer So kindly help me to get the Solution


For Your Better Understanding i attaching the Image


In this Image you can see that 3 Sketches.Now i need to data of all circles in Sketch "GEAR TRAIN " its already in edit mode.So in this case how i can select each sketch one by one .The case is don't know the name of arc or i don't know the X,Y,Z Values of the Circle.I need these as output.So Kindly Guide to get Solution


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