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    Export 3D PDF with view planes

    Gerard Boterman

      We use SW2012, Windows 7 Pro, Acrobat Reader DC latest version

      When I export 3D PDF files and open this with Acrobat Reader, all works well but

      - in the tool bar 'Views' menu, I only see default view, I cannot choose standerd FRONT, TOP or SIDE views.

      - the tree structure does not show actual part names


      The main problem is the first. Is a certain setting required to export standard views. I would not think so as the reader shwos an XYZ, so why can't I choose these planes?

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          Chris Dordoni

          This is not as convenient as going to the views panel in Acrobat ... but a work around may be using the Camera Properties, (the camera icon on the 3D Toolbar, or right click in the view and choose Tools/Camera Properties) You can save a preset, but its not the same as saving view, but it may do what you want, since it is saved in the file. Choosing "Camera and Target" will allow you to select a face on your object to align the view then you can name the preset. Unfortunately the Save Camera View at the bottom of the dialog is greyed out.


          It doesn't appear you can save views from Solidworks, I tried creating additional cameras in SolidWorks but they don't transfer.


          Simlab Composer has some good functions for generating 3D PDFs, and its reasonably priced, and it integrates with SolidWorks.