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0% GPU usage after a while

Question asked by Kenny Wilson on Jul 7, 2016

Lately I've had issues with my GPU's not being utilized to their full clock while using any rendering software (Visualize, Octane Render, Bunkspeed Shot Pro). I can fix the issue if I close the software and then relaunch but after a while I will notice my performance tanks and when I fire up EVGA Precision X I can see that all 3 of my GPU's are not being used, despite Visualize seeing the cards. Basically my machine reverts to the CPU for rendering after a while. I'm not sure if this is a hardware issue like my cards are going out (doubt it since it happens on all 3 of them) but maybe it's my mobo or could it be something more specific like a driver or even software related? I've tried multiple drivers and I still have cards dropping off. This is probably more of a support call thing so I'm going to send this off to support and see what they say but I wanted to ask some of you in case you had any ideas. At this point I'm at a loss what is causing it.


My rig is:

i7 4770k

Asus Maximus VI Extreme mobo

32 GB G.Skill Trident X-series RAM

(3) EVGA GTX 780 Ti cards (3 GB version

Corsair 1200i PSU

Win 7 Pro