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    0% GPU usage after a while

    Kenny Wilson

      Lately I've had issues with my GPU's not being utilized to their full clock while using any rendering software (Visualize, Octane Render, Bunkspeed Shot Pro). I can fix the issue if I close the software and then relaunch but after a while I will notice my performance tanks and when I fire up EVGA Precision X I can see that all 3 of my GPU's are not being used, despite Visualize seeing the cards. Basically my machine reverts to the CPU for rendering after a while. I'm not sure if this is a hardware issue like my cards are going out (doubt it since it happens on all 3 of them) but maybe it's my mobo or could it be something more specific like a driver or even software related? I've tried multiple drivers and I still have cards dropping off. This is probably more of a support call thing so I'm going to send this off to support and see what they say but I wanted to ask some of you in case you had any ideas. At this point I'm at a loss what is causing it.


      My rig is:

      i7 4770k

      Asus Maximus VI Extreme mobo

      32 GB G.Skill Trident X-series RAM

      (3) EVGA GTX 780 Ti cards (3 GB version

      Corsair 1200i PSU

      Win 7 Pro