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Save Bodies - copy cut list properties to file properties not working

Question asked by Thomas Rumble on Jul 7, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2016 by Igor Fomenko

I like using the part environment for weldments so that all the weldment features can be taken advantage of (structural members, tube miters, end caps, etc.). However, where I work, the shop personnel like to read weldment details from eDrawings and prefer to use .easm files to be able to change the visibility, transparency, etc. of individual weldment parts, which has led me in the direction of using the save bodies split feature available by RM clicking on the cutlist, and creating split assemblies of all my weldments. Within this feature is an option to copy cutlist properties into the file properties of the derived parts. This is really advantageous, because I can now apply custom properties to each body via a macro (such as v-die size, outside bend deduction, and any other text properties I want) and they will be available to populate text in each parts' drawing title block. These properties maintain a live link, until the parent weldment and/or split assembly & split parts are either renamed, or moved to some other directory (we use ePDM, so this is of course done when everything is checked in). At this point, the split parts' physical geometry and material selections may stay linked, but the file properties now do not update even though the value/text expression field still says "linked to parent". This is a huge downfall, as I want to be able to create the part drawings, move the files to different places in the vault if necessary, then make changes to the weldment later for product maintainence. Can anyone find a solution to this bug? Help Deepak Gupta