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Xeon Based Machine performance help

Question asked by Kevin Scheeringa on Aug 5, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2008 by Bill Reuss
Hello All,
We're running into some performance issues with our current set up and are looking for suggestions on how to speed things up...

Dell Precision 690
I do not know the motherboard
Duel Xeon's # 5060 @ 3.2ghz (duel core) 4mb cash 1066 fbs
2gb PC4200 (533mhz)
80gb sata 150 hd @ 7200rpm
Nvida Quadro FX 3500 running driver 6.14.11
XP pro sp2
SW 2008 SP4.0 (no cosmos, rarely photo works)

We have most of our projects on the server (like most companies)
I have run the "punch Holder 2008" test and I'm coming up with close to 250 second rebuild time.. This was run directly on my machine (not through the network)

My question is how do I get these to run better (we have 2 systems)?? I also have available to me XP 64bit, but we where originally having other issues running the 64 bit OS as we have other software that I was (at the time) not able to get to run on the 64bit.

I know I can increase the ram easily but only to 4gb with the 32bit, is it going to be worth the change to 64 to get more ram?

Is there a better processor that I should be looking into (current # 5060 @ 1066)? My motherboard apparently can do a clock speed of 1333mhz.

Our major issue is laying out the drawings, changing form page to page and such. We do architectural millwork. Some parts have 2 or 3 configurations
We do sometimes do sub assemblies..

Here is a typical project for a kitchen we are building.
Assembly Stats:
Total Components: 46
Parts: 45
Unique part doc: 40
Unique parts: 33
Sub assembly: 1
Max depth: 2
Num top level: 37
Resolved Comp: 46
Num Top Mates: 108
Number of bodies: 457

Drawing Stats:
Our drawings have multiple pages (average 5 to 20 pages)
Drawing sheets:21
Drawing views:80
Section views: 44
Detail Views: 29
336 Notes
289 Dimensions
The drawing stats relate to the assembly stats shown above.

Sorry for such a long post, but I figured more information given the better answers that could come back..