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Excel 2013 (Design Table) and SW2016 not playing nicely !!!

Question asked by Dave Bear on Jul 7, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2016 by Dave Bear

Yep, It's me again....


I was doing the doing the inbuilt SolidWorks tutorial on Design Tables and found that my Solidworks 2016 Premium does not want to co-operate very nicely with my 2013 Excel. Each time I double clicked on a dimension to add it as a first instance Excel would freeze. I would then have click outside of the spreadsheet so that it closed, go to the configuration tab, expand the table and select edit table to bring it back up and then repeat the process to add the next column. I've done a search both here and on Google and can't really find the exact same issue. Both SW and Excel work find and with no signs of lag or any other issues when running independently. BUT, When I first installed Solidworks 2016, there was a message pop-up box that said that Solidworks could not find Microsoft Excel on this computer and that Excel was required for some functions. But I'm pretty sure there was an option at that time that said something like fix later or something to that effect? However, Excel was indeed installed, Solidworks just didn't think so..........


Has anyone else had this issue? Or is there a configuration that I now need to tweek so that the two programs recognise each other? When I was in the tutorial, and selected insert design table it found Excel quick enough then though. All very strange.


Computer specs are all within the recommended ranges.