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Can't seem to get a cropped ISO view?

Question asked by Christian Wukits on Jul 7, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2017 by Britt Kessler

I had originally asked my VAR, but still have the issue.
I would like to crop a drawing view. When I select that option it asks for a closed sketch. So I draw a circle around the part I want visible, I then highlight the circle and select crop….

Everything in that drawing view disappears.

1.) I select the view.
2.) Select crop button, it states I need a closed sketch.

3.) I draw a closed spline, and nothing.


I delete the closed spline.

1.) I select the view, and create a closed spline around the part I want to be viewed.
2.) I select the crop view button and the entire view disappears. I check to see if it is hidden, and it is not. I do notice that the spline is moving with the drawing view now. That was something that didn’t happen before.

I pray this is not the issue, but could it be that I am trying to get a crop an ISO drawing view?



the attachment is a Pack n' Go.


In drawing view 3 I can get both the Spline and the Circle to crop view.

The views I am having issues cropping are;
         Drawing View 4 [made with a circle]

          Drawing view 5 [ made with a closed spline]

Many thanks for your help and assistance!


Lord Wukits
Solidworks 2016 SP3