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Academic license infected files and running academic / Non academic versions

Question asked by John Walker on Jul 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2016 by John Walker

I am in a situation where I work for a company but also work in an academic environment. Basically, depending on the purpose, I use either my company's Premium license or an academic license for teaching purposes.


I was extremely careful to make sure that all my files and templates are separate to ensure that my work files are not tagged as academic, and I made all templates from scratch when I started this job.  After several weeks of working on a project, I noticed that all of my files have an academic tag!


I use solidworks 2015-2016 for teaching and solidworks 2016 for teaching. My license settings currently only point to the premium license server. I was the person that arranged purchasing the premium license, so I know 100% that the correct license was purchased.


In Solidworks 2016, which I verified was installed from the dvd sent to me, and is only configured to see the premium, non-academic license server, help -> about shows that solidworks thinks it is the academic version!


How do I fix this?