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Table Driven Parts in EPDM

Question asked by Nick Carapiet on Jul 7, 2016

Does anybody else using EPDM, use table driven parts and assemblies?


Just got back from the EPDM training course and discovered that EPDM doesn't handle table driven parts. The problem is that the revision number is taken from the parent part and not from the configuration, even though you can have a custom property in the driving table. Therefore our data cards could display the wrong revision number.


As an additional complication, we are outputting XML files to be automatically uploaded to our MRP system. However because the revision of the part may not match the revision of the configuration in the XML it becomes an error for our MRP system as it looks for a part number at a specific revision.


Our only other option is to stop using table driven part completely, but obviously I don't want to do that as it involves a huge amount of work and changing our current drawing practices.