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Design checker wrong? Change third to first angle

Question asked by Jonathan Smet on Jul 6, 2016

Dear all,


For a customer we have to change parts from the third angle view to the first angle view. (and some extra adaptations)

The normal way of doing this is by using the proporties tab etc.

Doing this manually will take a lot of time, in the search for a more automatic way I stumble upon the auto correct "design checker". And thats when I noticed that both ways don't give the same result. (check the top and bottem views in both)


Am I doing something wrong with one of both options? Is it a bug in the design checker?

And so: how do I fix it? Is there a way to take the annotations automaticlly to the other view afther I manually change the angle?


Kind Regards,



Drawing in third angle view: (basis for convertion)

Drawing in first angle view: using right-click and proporties. (notice: the annotations don't move with the changement of the angle)

Drawing in first angle view using the auto-correct in the design checker. (notice the difference between top and bottem view between both first views)