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    propagate features to parts hard issue

    Marco Gigante

      Hello, I'd like (not really) to show another of my daily errors solidworks propose me to test my patience:


      - In an assembly I modify one part in function of another (a belt that has to pass trough a wall, so that I have to create a hole)

      - In the function I select "propagate feature to parts"

      - The function is correctly added to the part

      - After that I need to apply some modification to that part that has been changed (let's say just for example I need to apply a fillet to the hole has been created to let the belt pass) 

      - Solidworks magically :
                                             1- delete the further modification (example: the fillet ) 

                                            2- don't process the feature that has been propagated to the assembly (the hole) no matter if I rebuilt the visualization or close and open the file.pippo.jpg