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    coefficient of convective heat transfer

    karim Gad
      Hello everbody

      I am new to cosmos works and I am trying to simulate a simple hollow cylinderical die that is heated using a coil.

      The heat source is added to the lateral surface of the die and the a convection load is added to the upper surface of the cylinder,

      the problem is that solidworks asks for the coefficient of convective heat transfer (h) which i do not know.

      It depends on the surface temperature of the die at steady state, however I do not it,

      so can anybody help me on that?
        • coefficient of convective heat transfer
          Basically there are several methods for obtaining these values, the most obvious is to carry out a experiment to measure them if possible. You didn't specify if it is the coefficient for natural convection you are looking to add but there are tables which give generic values for heat transfer coefficients for standard geometry such as plates and cylinders at standard lengths. It is also possible to calculate the coefficients for non standard lengths using some known relationships.

          A good reference for the hand calculation is example 8.1 on pg 410 of "A Heat Transfer Textbook" by Lienhard which can be downloaded from the following MIT page for personal use Lienhard Book

          Thirdly you can obtain these values from a CFD package such as CosmosFloworks which will calculate them automatically as part of the analysis. These can then be mapped back to Cosmosworks. The advantage of the CFD package is you can model natural or forced convection.

          Hope this helps