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Adding partnumber and bendlines to Export Flat Pattern View (Configurations)

Question asked by Tom Adams on Jul 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2016 by Keith Rice

I am interested in this macro 3D ContentCentral and I am attempting to modify it to do 2 additional things:


1) Use the partnumber added in the Configuration Properties under Bill of material options (part number displayed when used in a bill of materials) instead of the configuration name.


For example:

Part name is MWS, current config is 2418-WM, so current name looks like:



What I am trying to achieve is



2) I would like to add the abilities of options as found in another macro Export_DXF that would allow me to export the flat pattern with bendlines etc.etc.


In my first attempts I added in some lines from this example:

Debug.Print "  ConfigName(" + Str(i) + ") = " + sConfigName

  Debug.Print "    UseAlternateNameInBOM = " + Str(swConfig.UseAlternateNameInBOM)

  Debug.Print "    AlternateName         = " + swConfig.alternateName

  Debug.Print "    Comment               = " + swConfig.comment

  Debug.Print ""


With no success. I am able to copy and paste and track down some data flow through a macro. but I find myself getting stuck on what I feel are simple things. I would greatly appreciate some help with this macro and some advice, would taking a SW macro course be a good idea with no VB background?


Thank you for your time,

Tom Adams