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    Beginner question about a youtube video

    Peter Kalteren

      Hello Solidwork Community,


      This is my first post, so im not sure if this is the right place. Apologies in advance if this is not.

      I am currently busy discovering the possibilities within Solidworks, for this I use the Lynda.com tutorials.

      At the moment im busy designing a flywheel, in this drawing he is making a sketch starting at a vertex point of a circle extrude.

      Video reference; Modeling a Motorcycle Engine with SOLIDWORKS - Flywheel Design - YouTube

      Time frame: 38:18 - 38:24


      Vertex point.png

      When I try it, I do not see the vertex line and I cannot select it.


      How can I solve this?

      All help is very much appreciated.


      With kind regards,